Robinson Community Little League  Robinson, Illinois

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Major League

Major League is comprised of 11-12 year old regsiterd players.  Players ages 9-10 are also eligible to tryout for Major League.  Games are played competitvely, score and division standings are kept.


Minor League

Minor League is comprised of 9-10 year old registered players.  Players age 8 are also eligible to tryout for Minor League.  Games are played competitively, score and division standings are kept.


Peewee League

Peewee League is comprised of 6-8 year old registered players.  Peewee League is coach/kid pitch league.  The purpose of Peewee League is to further the players fundamental skills and knowledge of the game. The focus of activities should be on the introduction of hitting live pitches, base running, and more advanced defensive skills.  Score is not kept for games and standings are not kept during the season.


Little League Baseball


Robinson Community Little League
PO Box 505
Robinson, Illinois  62454

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